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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty Must-Haves

I've been a huge fan of Ole Henricksen products for a while, but I recently splurged on some of his "new-to-me" products.  I've been using the Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser and Grease Release Face Tonic for some time and they've been very good to my oily-proned skin.

But I went into Sephora to get my next bottle of cleanser and couldn't help but be intriqued by all of his other options, especially the Three Little Wonders set.                              
I've recently noticed a few minor wrinkles here and there around my eyes and forehead (I'm sure it's a result of lifeguarding with little to no SPF in high school) and I've yet to begin taking any precautionary steps to prevent aging so I thought now was the time to start.  This set has a Collagen Booster serum to be used at night to fight off current and furture wrinkles, an Invorgorating Night Gel (oil free which works much better for me than your typical night cream) and Sheer Transformation, an oil free moisturizer to be used at night and before makeup application. 

My skin is a catch 22.  I've been hesistant to use creams and moisturizers because I tend to be so oily, only to find out that my skin is oily because I don't use them.  When skin is dehydrated like mine, it over produces oil leaving your face super shiny.  I've been using the Sheer Transformation moisturizer for only a week and I can tell a huge difference at then of the day when it comes to shine control.

So, I get this is a blog about home design but the truth is, I feel like sharing a little more about my life and interests than just decorating.  So here you go, hope you don't mind!


  1. I love it too! I can't live without the vit c serum!

  2. This is all very interesting...I struggle with the same issues and have even gone to see a dermatologist recently...wonder what she would say about this stuff...

  3. Kaitlin, I'd definitely ask your dermatologist. I took the advice of someone in the skin care department at Sephora (not quite as legit) but it turned out to be accurate. No shine on this face! :)