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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Recap!

It's been quite a busy holiday season!  Besides the all the giving and receiving, we've been doing lots and lots of other stuff.  Here's a quick photo snapshot of our last month!

Tons of cocktails..... 

and puppy snuggle time.....

family hiking....

nephew cuddling...

and goddaughter snuggle time....

My heart is full with family, friends, food, wine, and Mexican dominoes!  What a wonderful month!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!


Friday, December 23, 2011

I got you Ryan Gosling for Christmas!

Ok, we all know that's not true.  Because if I had Ryan Gosling, I wouldn't be sharing him, right?  I'd build this amazing lavish dungeon where I'd hold him captive for my own entertainment and keep it a secret from all the world....

But anyway, I did find this lovely image which I think will fill you all with Christmas cheer!

Enjoy!  See you on the flip side of Christmas!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two Words

Color. Blocking.

Skirt- J Crew; Top- Tibi; Scarf- Banana Republic; Watch- Michael Kors

It's my new obsession.

Given the fact that I went for years with a freakish fear of patterns, I've got alot of solid items in my closet and I'm loving that color blocking is back in vogue so I can put them all to good use.

What about you?  Are you digging this trend or am I crazy?

~ Katie

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Living Room Sneak Peek!

I just wanted to share a sneak peak of the Christmas tree in our living room!  I went with a gold & silver color scheme with a few pops of color.

We've yet to collect a large amount of Christmas decor for the house so the tree, the mantle, and the front door are about it.

I'll be posting pics of the entire room in all it's festive glory later this week!

On the horizon:
  • Living Room- complete but always in progress
  • Foyer- complete
  • Dining Room- complete but always in progress
  • Kitchen- complete


Monday, October 31, 2011

Cincinnati Weekend!

I just returned from a soulful weekend in Cincinnati.  I road-tripped it up there with a darling friend of mine who was headed up for her hometown baby shower (I'm hosting her Birmingham shower in a few weeks....and I'll be posting a major amount of photos!) and she dropped me off with T, my best friend from college.  T lives in the most adorable historic building on this gorgeous street...

Friday night we hit up the local blues bar and were thoroughly entertained by not only the band, but several creepy older sir, my cell phone does not vibrate...

Moving on....

 Saturday we spent the beautiful morning at a Basset Hound Parade (peculiar, I know) and then headed out for lunch and a day of shopping at Findlay Market.  

We shopped for a while before sitting down to listen to this child play the violin with literally everything in his soul.  It was a perfect moment watching him.

Later we took a drive through the city, as it was my first visit there, while singing Dire Staits songs at the top of our lungs...  Not a pleasant experience for those who may have heard us.

Then we headed out on a party bus with some of T's Cincy friends for a night of bar hopping.  In a last minute effort, we managed to find the only two adult costumes left at Big Lots and went as Blue Brothers (Sisters) that night.

It was a fun-filled weekend that spawned tons of new inside jokes.  I loved seeing T and I LOVED Cincinnati.  I most definitely will be planning another trip so I can bring the huzzby along!

Love you Cincy!

For sure as the cards will be fallin'
And chips in the pot pyramid, 
for a buck, Lady Luck will be calling
Whoah, the Cincinnati kid
I mean the Cincinnati kid
Whoah, the Cincinnati kid
Whoah, the Cincinnati kid
I'm talking about the Cincinnati kid
Everybody knows the Cincinnati kid
Have you heard about that the Cincinnati kid

~Ray Charles


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She Sheds Her Skin

Exterior renovations began on the new abode today!  It looks a little like a haunted house right now, but soon enough it will be restored back to its originally beauty!  Here's a before pic to refresh your memory...

Cotton Candy blue...ugh!

Here's its current state as of lunch time today when I drove by to stalk the progress.  

Kind of spooky...

There's just a small portion of the front siding left to be removed before they move on to sides and back .  Once the original heart pine siding is restored (nails and staples from siding have to be removed and their holes patched), it will get a fresh coat of Behr's Bleached Linen, black shutters will go back up, and the new colonial columns will installed under the front stoop!

I can't wait to drive up to the finished product!

PS-  I've been working on the master bedroom and it's almost ready the reveal.  I'll take some sneak peek shots to share with you later this week!

Ta ta!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Falling Hard

Not sure about your gusy but I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  The weather here in Bama is perfect, the beautiful old oaks in our new neighborhood are starting to change colors, tailgating is a weekly occasion, and the fashion is definitely my favorite of all seasons.

I plan on sipping lots of this....
 While enjoying one of these on our brick patio in our lovely new backyard with all my fabulous friends...
 While wearing something along the lines of this fall fashion combo- skinny jeans, boots, leopard print scarf, and cozy sweater....
 All while decorating the new house with beauties like this....
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather as much as I am!

Before and after/progress photos of the new house are coming soon!  The master bedroom is almost finished!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Post: Want It Wednesday

Hi, everyone, I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. My writing focuses on things I'm passionate about: interior design, decorating ideas, home furnishings, gardening, travel and art. I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them. I'm a very lucky girl!

Being asked to write a Want it Wednesday guest post was like turning a kid loose in a candy store.  I realized I am coveting so many things right now that it was hard to narrow it down to just 8! I think it is the back to school shopping feeling in the air. I want to change d├ęcor with the seasons. So here are 8 thinks I want this Wednesday. What are you wanting?

Console Table

Little Emma English Home via

Love the shabby chic style of this long table. Used as a console table or kitchen island, it would add a lot of charm to a kitchen, hall or living room.

Kilim Rug

The Haystack Needle via

A graphic and colorful kilim rug from Turkey is definitely at the top of my list of wants right now. A kilim has such great color and style—perfect for a bedroom, living room or home office.

Wool Bowls

Super Market HQ via

With Fall right around the corner, these squash colored felted wool bowls would look great on a dining table filled with apples or decorative gourds.

Rustic Crown Molds

Little Emma English Home via

I don't know what they are but I want them-- the molds (?) on the shelf that look like rustic crowns.  How charming for kitchen decor! Must add this to the kitchen design ideas file.

Pink Chair

A Girl Named Bong via

Love the new home line from Lilly Pulitzer.  This hot pink Chinese Chippendale style chair is the Boulevard chair from Lilly's line at Horchow. Love her dragon print as a pillow too!

Light Bulb Vases

Free People via

How cool are these light bulb vases?! This is a great DIY project from Free People. Adorable!

Leather Chesterfield

Decadent Green via

A classic leather chesterfield... I think this is on a lot of people's want lists. Such classic lines but it can work in so many different decors. Love.

Oyster Shells

Shop Candelabra via

I saw a few of these when I was on vacation on Cape Cod: a sphere composed entirely of oyster shells. They are gorgeous in person and are truly sculptural works of art that kick up a coastal interior design. Wonder if it could be a DIY project.

What are some of the things you want this Wednesday? Make sure to stop by at Design Shuffle and browse all of the different styles of interior design ideas, inspirations, tips and trends. Be sure to say you saw us here at This Little Nest.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quest for the Perfect Powder Room Wallpaper

I may not have executed it all, but I at least have plans for just about every room in the new house except the downstairs half bath.  Here is its current state.

The rest of the house is rather neutral so I decided to go bold with this room as it's small and low risk.  I've got a huge white carved wood mirror for the back wall and the corner sink will soon be replaced by a square pedestal sink.  I've decided to go blue and white with the wall and I've been desperately searching for the perfect wallpaper pattern.  Here are my favorites so far!

I love this wallpaper print but I'm afraid the repeat is too small and would be overwhelming in a small bathroom.

This wallpaper has a larger print, which I love, but has more white than blue, which I don't love.

I think I REALLY love this chinoiserie navy print wallpaper but it's sooooo bold.  I'm just a little apprehensive but part of me says I should just take the pluge.

I think this print, like first one, is too small and would make a guest to our half bath dizzy!!

Wallpaper is so difficult to decide on.  It can easily get too stuffy and outdated. I'm hoping that this mix of traditional colors but with a fun, bold pattern would be the perfect way to keep it fresh.  Which do you like best??  (Hint, hint:  I'm trying to get you people to comment!)


Monday, September 19, 2011

NYC Trip in Photos

I recently returned from a trip to NYC for a work conference.  It was a long week full of lots of eye candy and "outfits of the days" so I figured I'd give you guys a little taste with a photo post.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home Inspiration Photos

With the looming move and work beginning in the new house tomorrow, I've been an online inspiration photo addict as of late. I'll be posting updates and before and after shots as work begins but I thought I'd share with you some of the pretty photos (and a few sneak peeks) I've come upon and gathered while brainstorming about the new place.

Sarah's House HGTV

Helen Gillilan artwork that will be going in the living room
Pillow & Curtain Fabric for the Living Room Bedroom I ADORE!

See you soon with some progress pics!