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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cincinnati Weekend!

I just returned from a soulful weekend in Cincinnati.  I road-tripped it up there with a darling friend of mine who was headed up for her hometown baby shower (I'm hosting her Birmingham shower in a few weeks....and I'll be posting a major amount of photos!) and she dropped me off with T, my best friend from college.  T lives in the most adorable historic building on this gorgeous street...

Friday night we hit up the local blues bar and were thoroughly entertained by not only the band, but several creepy older sir, my cell phone does not vibrate...

Moving on....

 Saturday we spent the beautiful morning at a Basset Hound Parade (peculiar, I know) and then headed out for lunch and a day of shopping at Findlay Market.  

We shopped for a while before sitting down to listen to this child play the violin with literally everything in his soul.  It was a perfect moment watching him.

Later we took a drive through the city, as it was my first visit there, while singing Dire Staits songs at the top of our lungs...  Not a pleasant experience for those who may have heard us.

Then we headed out on a party bus with some of T's Cincy friends for a night of bar hopping.  In a last minute effort, we managed to find the only two adult costumes left at Big Lots and went as Blue Brothers (Sisters) that night.

It was a fun-filled weekend that spawned tons of new inside jokes.  I loved seeing T and I LOVED Cincinnati.  I most definitely will be planning another trip so I can bring the huzzby along!

Love you Cincy!

For sure as the cards will be fallin'
And chips in the pot pyramid, 
for a buck, Lady Luck will be calling
Whoah, the Cincinnati kid
I mean the Cincinnati kid
Whoah, the Cincinnati kid
Whoah, the Cincinnati kid
I'm talking about the Cincinnati kid
Everybody knows the Cincinnati kid
Have you heard about that the Cincinnati kid

~Ray Charles


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